The latest on Luna

Luna went to the vet and had a bladder infection and was on antibiotics for two weeks. But this has not stopped her from urinating in the house. Her foster Mom (June) tried keeping her in the kitchen but she was unhappy. She also walked her a lot but she still had accidents in the house. June decided to train her the way she trained her two year old cocker spaniel when she got him. June used a panty and he learned that it would stay on until they went out and then back on again until he no longer urinated in the house. June tried this on Luna and so far no accidents. It is working wonderfully – one day she forgot to put it on Luna and she had an accident. Now June doesn’t forget. She is learning well now.

Luna is loveable, sweet but at times stubborn. When she doesn’t want to come in, she will walk very slowly and sometimes you have to pick her up or give her treats to get her to walk faster across the street. Because of her weight, she is a bit lazy, so walking long distance is not the answer as reducing the amount she eats is. She gets along very well with the cats, playing chase with them and never biting them unless she becomes jealous when the cat gets picked up and kissed. That is when she will try to bite his tail or his belly or his ear, but not in a mean way. Maybe this is her way of kissing him too. LOL.

Luna really has no issues, she’s great on a leash, does not bark, is great with people, kids, dogs especially. She has toys to chew on, not aggressive at all, just a wonderful easy dog to care for.

Luna already knew most of her commands when she came into foster care and so far, she is doing great. She is a big licker, licking June’s face and arms, etc. She also licks the cats too. She would be lonely without another pet as she enjoys the interaction she has with the cat. She plays with the cat constantly. She looks for the cat to play with all day and the cat also likes the dog.