Update on Niko

Niko is doing very well, he has even lost about 3-5 lbs. He scratches often, but not to the point that he is damaging himself. He did not have an appetite the first week or so. The weight loss is from when he first came into foster care. He is now eating regularly.

Niko is mostly quiet. He enjoys being petted and massaged. He is beginning to become playful. He had his first “shiba 500” the other night (he ran around the house). He is becoming interested in toys and enjoys his squeaky toy and his stuffed toy. He will play fetch a few times in the house before he gets bored. He likes to look out the window and barks occasionally. Not a crazy barker, but he will bark at noise.

Walking on a leash has improved. When he starts pulling, he is given corrections and he improves. Sometimes he is good with dogs on the outside, and sometimes he growls at them. He may growl/snap because they do something he does not like. He is friendly, but aloof with people. Niko has not interacted with children yet. I seem to be able to take toys away from him, but I am careful too. Niko is not very affectionate, but he does come over to be petted and he sleeps in his foster Mom’s room on a rug. He gets into the trash and steals the insoles from her shoes. Other than that he is not destructive at all. He is a good companion, thoroughly housebroken.

If given the chance, Niko would definitely bolt. He got loose from his foster Mom once when she was trying to get him into the car. He ran away, but then stopped to look where she was going. She walked in the opposite direction (away from the street, into an alley). He followed her into the alley, but continued to run away. A young man in the alley picked up his leash.

Food has to be kept out of his reach on the counter. He will look at you for food, but does not bother you inordinately.