Ginger update

Ginger is doing well. She recently went to a new foster home because her previous foster had some trips coming up and has gotten very busy at work. He let us know how Ginger has been doing before she went to her new home.

Ginger is very energetic and likes attention. She gets very excited when meeting new faces.

Ginger’s leash training has improved some more since last time and she is now able to sit on command outside. Earlier she would refuse to sit anywhere outside. She has become more calm – instead of running around frantically all the time she is a bit more relaxed.

Ginger is improving on coming when called. At first she would not listen, but she’s improving steadily.

Stay tuned for more on Ginger from her new foster Mom.


  1. Danyell says:

    Thought I might be able to help on Gingers Thunderstorm problem I have a 6yr old Shiba Inu who is also afraid of thunderstorms and in the past would get very upset we tried everything until finally I got the ideal to turn on a TV or a Radio not real loud but loud enough that he wouldn’t hear the storm as much this seems to have helped now when a thunderstorm comes we just put the TV on and he does just fine. Try Animal Planet he seems to like that LOL. Another thing I have heard that works is get a Meditation CD that has thunderstorms on it and play it when you are home this has helped a friend of mine get her dog over the thunderstorms.