Mr. Squeakers’s Update

Mr. Squeakers has been in his foster home for 4 months and his foster mom told us that he’s doing great! Any behavior problems and quirks that he had have subsided and he’s gotten into a good routine and loves their cat, Molly. They play by running around the house and the cat will turn and look at Squeakers, then zoom off again.

He’s definitely calmed down and meets new people with no problems now. His foster mom had a lot of people over to watch the Kentucky Derby and Squeakers did very well. He even ended up in the center of the room doing silly tricks and entertaining everyone. This is great news and we’re so happy he’s come out of his shell and has the confidence to say hello to new people with no problems.

Squeakers still seems to think that his crate might be a negative place when he’s placed in it during the day. It may trigger to him that the family is leaving, and he still doesn’t like it but when they let him out he’s happy, gives kisses, and then zooms around. They are still working on this so that he understands the crate is his “bedroom” and it’s ok to hang out in there during the day.