Niko’s update for May

Niko’s foster mom, Valerie, told us that Niko has been itching a lot lately and may have some sort of seasonal allergy or possibly food allergy. He is going to the vet and we’ll find out what he needs to stop being so itchy. However, since he’s been itching and scratching a lot, it seems he gets a lot of massages and petting time. It sounds like Niko is spoiled with Valerie and we couldn’t be happier. He’s pretty mellow and enjoys going for walks.

Niko is walking better on a leash and is food motivated so it helps with training. He is afraid of thunder and doesn’t like to go outside when it’s thundering and raining. He is obviously comfortable at home. He can be playful and will play fetch, although he tends to fetch the ball and keep it. Niko’s been good with other dogs he has met and has even allowed strangers to meet him and pet him. He hasn’t had any recent interactions with children and it may be best that he doesn’t as he’s guarded and a little nervous around small kids.

Sometimes Niko steals food from tables and counters, Valerie is working on trying to get him to stop that behavior and keeping a better eye on her food!