Update on Luna

Luna’s foster mom, June, told us that since Luna has started medication for Cushing Disease, that Luna has improved. She is more alert, active, and has begun crate training.

She has a beautiful coat and resembles a polar bear. Everyone asks June what kind of dog Luna is and Luna loves to meet new people. She likes to be pet and given attention. June told us that if someone doesn’t pet Luna, it almost looks like Luna is confused and shocked. She absolutely loves children and loves other animals, such as dogs and cats. Luna has a cat friend and she also has become protective and jealous over the cat. She will nudge you, scream, or gently bite you if you go up to the cats to pet them.

Luna loves to have her belly rubbed and rolls on her back so you don’t miss a spot. She’s just a sweet and lovely dog overall and June has told us she absolutely adores her.


  1. Luna looks soo beautiful!!! I know she will find a loving forever home soon!!!!!! 🙂