Luna’s June Update

June, Luna’s foster mom, has told us that lately Luna has been making it a habit to chew on her kitchen chair, table legs, and shoes. Luna tends to do this during the day when June is at work. It sounds like Luna may be bored and finding things to do to occupy her time. June has made sure to keep Luna more stimulated with che toys, treats, and other “acceptable” items for Luna to chew on.

Since Luna has been diagnosed and under treatment, her urination problems have gone away. She no longer pees in the house and is doing very very well. Luna loves to eat. She will bark when she sees you eating something. She wont leave you alone and will beg and beg. June is trying to establish that she is the pack leader. It seems like Luna is feeling better and showing some of her “naughty” habits.

Overall, June has told us that Luna is a lovely dog and would be a joy in any house she lives in.