Mr. Squeakers’ July Update

Mr. Squeakers is happy, healthy, and is showing more and more the playful side of himself. He’s also been protective of his foster mom who has been recovering from a surgery. He sleeps with her and makes sure nothing bad is happening. She told us that the day she came home, he sniffed her and seemed to understand that she wasn’t well.

Since she’s been recovering, Mr. Squeakers hasn’t had his usual super long walks and so has been playing more in the house. He’s energetic and requires someone who can take him for long walks, jogs, and play with him regularly. He’s still doing well and is having fun with his foster family but is very sensitive to changes.



  1. Wycliffe says:

    It’s great to see Mr. Squeaker’s progress!

  2. Courtney P says:

    Om my gosh, he is easily the cutest shiba inu I’ve ever seen! 🙂

  3. Awww I love him!!!!! He is so handsome!