The lastest news on Niko

Niko still shows some signs of having itchy skin, but it’s not increased. He’s on a diet of eating potato and duck and occasionally being a naughty pup and getting into the trash can to find “forbidden food.” He’s healthy overall and was very calm at the vet.

Sometimes he will get hyper and zoom around the house, also known to many shiba owners as the “Shiba 5000!” but he mostly like to play with toys and enjoys the squeaky ones a lot. Sometimes he even barks at them.

His foster mom told us he loves massages and is very good with listening to her. He sometimes does not want to be gated or put into a room if someone comes over, like a repairman, but if she insists he will do it and does not argue with her. He’s gotten better at leash walking but still pulls and his foster mom is continuing to work with him on this. She has also taught him to sit, lie down, and stay. He does resist but will do these commands because he knows there is a reward.

Valerie told us that she believes Niko is now 100% comfortable and being himself. He now barks when he needs to go out or will nudge her with his nose. She says it’s the cutest thing ever. He also likes to sit in the window and watch the world go by. Niko is comfortable in her house and isn’t afraid of any of the rooms or going up and down the stairs. He likes to play a little when they are getting ready to go for a walk and will go in the crate if there are treats leading him in but prefers to be free and hanging out.

Niko comes when called in the house but outside he may get over stimulated. He did bolt out the door recently and Valerie takes extra steps to make sure he doesn’t do it again. All in all, Niko is doing very well and having a good time with his foster mom.