Luna’s August Update

June, Luna’s foster mom, told us that Luna is a wonderful dog and still as sweet as the day she first met her. Luna is a bit more playful now and will get excited if you sit on the floor with her and pretend to be a dog too. She then tries to play with like a dog with some nipping and bouncing around.

Luna does not like summer and finds the humidity to be too much and does not want to walk long distances on really humid days. We understand as none of us want to either, we’d rather be in a air-conditioned house too!

She likes to meet new people and will greet you by licking your hand. She shows some hesitation towards men when first meeting them but loves children and woman. She also likes to chew on bones and it keeps her from being bored and chewing on things like a table leg. Luna likes to have activities even if they are low-key to keep her mind stimulated.

Luna still begs and barks for people food but June is making sure that Luna doesn’t get any as it isn’t good for her since she’s overweight. June told us that Luna is a great dog and very sweet. She adores her and loves having her in her home.