An update for Luna

Luna is a sweet and lovable dog. She’s playful and likes to get hugs, pets, and kisses. This summer weather was too hot for her and she didn’t like to be outside in the heat for long walks. June also told us that since Luna is overweight, the humid days and high temperatures really made Luna pant and shed a lot.

Luna loves squeaky toys but will find the squeaker quickly so she tends to wear them out. She also loves bones and if she doesn’t have enough acceptable things to chew on she sometimes will find something unacceptable such as a table leg or other item. However, Luna is wonderful with other animals and likes cats and dogs. June found out that if she rubs Luna on her shoulders, she can get her to do the ‘Shiba Smile.’

Luna still has a bad habit of begging for food and will bark and bark. Luna has been more active since the weather is cooling down and seems happier with taking long walks and exercising.

To deal with the cushings and urinating problem she has had, June found that if she has Luna wear a ‘tinkle trouser,’ which is basically a diaper garment, that Luna can have an accident without it being an issue or something that Luna may feel guilty about. It also helps keep the house cleaner. June has noticed that Luna will try to wait till it is time for a walk but with the Cushings, it is sometimes beyond her control.

Overall, June says Luna is a beautiful dog and has brought a lot of happiness into her home.