The latest on Ginger

Ginger is doing well and had a great summer with her foster mom, Molly. She went on a trip to Ithaca NY and has been improving with the separation anxiety issues. She’s much better now about being left alone in the house and loves to hang out in Molly’s bedroom to nap.

Ginger would be best as the only dog in a house as she gets into some scuffles with the other dogs and will bark and growl at them. Molly’s dogs know that Ginger is bluffing and don’t react to her hostility. But she does love people and meeting new guests that come to the house. She’s also getting better with walks and doesn’t pull on the leash.

Here’s a pic of Ginger from July rolling around on the grass:


  1. Wow! Ginger went on a car ride with you to Ithaca? She freaked out during our car ride. How did that go for you?

  2. That picture is so Ginger! She loves to roll on her back like that when she is happy. 🙂