Luna’s doing great!

Luna has been improving in her time with June, her foster mom. She is still has a weight issue but the Cushings seems to be under control.

Personality wise, June has told us she’s learning new things about Luna. For example: if Luna is in a separate room from her, she lets you know she wants to be in the same room as you by doing something mischievous but harmless like pulling a towel off a rack or ripping up a magazine. It’s as if she’s expressing a “How dare you put me in a room alone!” sort of response and it’s comical.

Luna is still extremely sweet and communicative. She lets June know when it’s time to go for a walk and also likes to choose the path by facing a direction or street and standing there until June complies. It’s Luna’s way of asking or saying, “We’re on an adventure! Let’s try this block.”

June let us know that Luna has bonded with the cat in the house even more so and likes meeting new people. She’s also playful but gets tired quickly because of her weight. Luna is a great dog and we can’t wait to find her a forever home.