Happy Tails: Ginger and Nami

One of our volunteers, Michele, and her husband adopted 2 shibas from NYCSR and gave us an update on their furry friends as well.
shiba inu The two cream colored shibas were adopted from us. The one on the left is Ginger and the right is Nami. The red shibas are Happy, top left, and Shabu.

Nami was their first foster and they fell for him. He’s a mushy dog who sometimes was easily frightened and at times can be grumpy. But he adjusted and fit very well in their house. Ginger was their second foster and for a while did not always get along with Shabu and Nami. She would play with the other two shibas but at night and when no one was home she was kept separate to avoid any problems. However, she got along great with Michele and her husband.

It took some time but Ginger now spends all her time with her shiba siblings and loves everyone. She’s also lost weight and is doing wonderfully!

As Michele put it:
“We’ve had many foster’s come and go over the last few years. It’s always hard to give them up, but knowing they are going to a wonderful forever home makes it easier to let them go. I stay in touch with the families who have adopted the dogs I have fostered.”

This past January they were lucky enough to take in another red boy. His name is Happy. He fit in almost immediately with their 3 shibas. They all get along well for the most part. A little scuffle here and there, but they know each other’s boundaries. Happy is our littlest guy. He’s a big mush and a lap dog. He has tons of energy and out-plays all the others. All four of them have become big mushy dogs and are very affectionate.

“I am thankful every day to NYC Shiba Rescue, the wonderful people I have met through them and of course for my wonderful babies who I love so much. The rescue can always use more foster homes. It is a very rewarding experience and helps to save the lives of many Shibas in need.”

We’re so happy to know that Ginger and Nami have such a great home and lots of siblings to play with!