Say Hi To Dylan

Dylan is one of our alumni shibas who has come back to us because his owner is unable to care for him. He is a fun loving dog who first came to us as a young puppy and had lots of energy, lots of curiosity about the world around him, and loved to chew.

In the 1 yr and 8 mos that Dylan (formerly known as Jerry) has been in his new home he’s learned some commands, has grown up to be a beautiful looking dog and has had a lot of fun. He’s friendly to other dogs, cats, and people. He loves to fall asleep watching tv while being cuddled and he’s good during his vet visits.

Dylan often greets people with a warm and enthusiastic welcome, unless he’s crated, then he announces someone has entered the house with a trumpetting howl. True to his shiba inu nature, Dylan will bolt out the door. It is extremely important that his next forever home understand the free spirit of a shiba and know the quirks and perks of the breed.

Dylan is up to date on his vaccines, house trained, crate trained, and walks well on a harness. He is still young and needs some more training as to what is ok for him to chew on and what is not ok. A game of trading, positive praise, and consistency should do the trick to help him understand that furniture is not for chewing on but a toy like a Kong ball is ok.

He has no problems with giving up something he’s found to play with or having his food taken from him, so he may do well in a home with children who know how to play well with dogs. Since he’s still very “puppyish” as his owner describes, he should be crated when no one is around, should be limited to what he has access to, and needs to be trained some more to become a great canine citizen.

Dylan will be available soon, will you be his new forever home?


  1. Hi. Our family recently lost our shiba of 10 years due to heart problems. It’s been very hard these few months… We are considering adopting but not sure if this is the right time for us to do so. Dylan seems like he might be a good fit for our family, we have 2 children, ages 7 and 5. Pls keep me posted on his status if Dylan is unable to find a home. Lucy

    • Hi Lucy,

      Dylan could be good in a family as long as everyone understood his puppy nature and was able to dedicate the time needed to train him to not chew on items that aren’t toys and not to jump up. If you’d like to submit an application for Dylan, please download it from our site and fax it back.


  2. Hi. Is Dylan neutered? Would he be fine at home with another shiba?

    I have a shiba and have been wanting to get another one but I am worried how the two shibas will interact. My shiba is great with other dogs but I am still anxious. Perhaps I could foster Dylan just to see if they get along?

    Thank you.


    • Hi Larisa,

      Dylan likes other dogs and cats – if you are interested in adopting or fostering, please download the applications from our site and fax them back to us.

  3. Dear NYC Shiba Rescue,

    I am very interested in adopting Dylan, Kuna, or Buddy. My husband and I have already faxed over an adoption form, do you know when we will hear back?



  4. He sounds like the cutest thing there ever was. I’ll be figuring out my finances and filling out an application if it works out right. Fingers crossed!