Dylan In His New Home

As of today, Dylan has been adopted into a FABULOUS Shiba family and renamed Tetsu.

Cimon and Jack first contacted us in July 2007. They had two Shibas at the time – Yoshi and Yuki – who had been adopted from NESRA when it was still around. Their third Shiba, Saki, had passed away and they were ready to welcome a new Shiba into their family. In October 2007, they adopted Lightening (now known as Aki) from us.

Since then they have been staunch supporters of NYCSR -> donating, volunteering their time, and fostering. Recently, they agreed to foster Dylan for us and shortly thereafter decided he needed to stay forever. Here’s a photo taken today when his adoption was finalized. This is Cimon, Yoshi, Tetsu (fka Dylan), Yuki, and Aki (fka Lightening).


  1. what an awesome happy home for all four shibas!!

  2. glad to see another successful adoption…lol, and i love the new name (My B/T shiba is also named Tetsu).