Introducing Gigi!

Gigi is a beautiful shy 6 yr old shiba who is adjusting to life with her new foster family, Michele and Steve. She was rescued from a puppy mill and taken great care of at ARF in Wainscott before coming into our foster care. She is extremely shy and timid and just likes to hide in her crate or a corner of the room. She will shiver and quiver with fright and gets upset at loud noises. She’s very quiet, doesn’t make any noise.

Gigi recently had surgery for a luxating patella and has a shaved spot for the moment. She does enjoy going for walks but isn’t sure what the big wide world has in store for her. We’re working with her to come out of her shell and trying to teach her to play with toys. She has taken a couple of the plushy toys into her crate when Michele and Steve aren’t looking. She’s curious and seems to understand that she is a good place with good people.

We can’t wait till she’s comfortable and shows her true colors. She is a sweet girl who deserves a loving, caring home. Will you be her new forever home?


  1. she is adorable.

  2. Karen Stevenson says:


    You are a beautiful girl and deserve to find a family who will love and spoil you!

  3. Michael Ali,DMD says:

    What a sweetheart! Lots of TLC will work wonders.