Remi and all his puppy love!

Don’t tell Remi that he has any defect with his heart because he won’t believe you. Remi is a VERY active 5 1/2 month old puppy. He LOVES playing with his 7 foster brothers and sisters and would really thrive in a home with at least one other dog that is very tolerant of Remi’s extreme puppiness. He plays rough – loving to jump on his brothers and sisters, mouth at their backs, wrestle and roll around in the snow, and “shadow box” (standing on their back legs playing like they are boxing.

Remi can settle down, but when it comes to being around people or dogs he is a ball of energy. Jenn thinks the only time he relaxes is when he is alone – the he chooses to curl up on the couch and take a nap. Because of this high activity level, Remi is not really a snuggler but is very friendly and loves to give kisses. He is an extremely sweet dog and would be fine with people of all ages. Small children will need to be supervised because Remi, like most pups, learn through use of their mouth and he still has his sharp little puppy teeth.

Remi seems to be “addicted” to water, so while he is maturing close attention needs to be paid to his water intake or there will be continued issues with housebreaking. His foster mom and dad had to limit his water to feeding times and nothing after 6 pm. Even by doing this, Remi will easily drink 6+ cups of water a day. They are monitoring this behavior to see if it subsides as he and all his organs mature. If not, additional tests will be run to determine if the excess drinking is physical or mental issue.

He is a super smart puppy. He knows how sit, how to walk on a leash and sit stay when waiting for things like food. He also knows down and usually will come to his name, but has not mastered either yet. He is crate trained and sleeps nicely in his crate throughout the night and whenever he is home unsupervised. He will only cry in his crate if he thinks he’s missing something or if he has to go to the bathroom.

Remi will be getting neutered within the next month. Check back to see his progress.