Update on Bibi

Bibi’s foster mom told us that Bibi is awesome. She’s warmed up to the family and plays with their dog, Higgs. They have become great friends and Higgs is loving having a buddy to play with. When her foster family comes home, Bibi comes over to them for some head rubs, scratches, and genuinely is happy to see them.

She’s also great at meeting new people. She loves the treats she gets from the doorman of the building. Bibi is still a bit shy but she’s learning to approach people and not retreat. Her friend, Higgs, is very social and it helps her come out of her shell. She’s not afraid of the elevator and is ok when there are other people riding it with her. She also has started letting her foster mom know when she needs to go out and potty.

Higgs and Bibi like to sleep together, play with squeaky toys together, and romp around the house together. We’re so happy to hear that Bibi has a friend, a loving foster home, and is adjusting with no problems to life in the big city!


  1. Toni Rego says:

    I’m so very happy to hear that Bibi is adjusting so well! She is such a beautiful dog and I want to see her happy