Bibi’s February Update

Bibi has been having a great time with her foster mom and the dogs in the house. She’s learning to trust strangers by watching how the other dogs greet people and has come out of her shell showing love and affection. She’s a kisser!

Bibi is also food motivated and loves to eat. It’s a great way to motivate her to try new things and to reinforce the commands she knows such as sit, come, and lie down. However, we know shibas and their mind control and know she could hypnotize a new owner into giving her too many treats. So it’s important that anyone who adopts Bibi knows to keep food and treats in a place where Bibi can’t get to them, and also to watch her intake as well as keep her on a good walking and exercise routine.

Marize told us that Bibi’s eyes tears and leave some stains on her face. We’re not sure if this due to allergies or tear ducts that may have some blockages. Some dogs naturally tear and get the reddish stains on their fur from it. At the moment, Bibi is being given eye drops to see if that helps.

She is fine with two long and two short walks a day and playtime in the house. From what Marize has seen, Bibi would excel in a house with people who are home often and are gentle, patient, and understand that she needs time to adjust to any new situation. Bibi is adorable and sweet and would love to find a forever home that has cookies!


  1. We would love to adopt Bibi, and believe we have the perfect situation for her…Stay at home mom living next to the beach! I sent in our application a while ago but i understand how busy you must be…looking forward to hearing about her availability-Thank you again for your wonderful work, all the best!