Quick Update for Gigi

Michele and Steve have been watching Gigi adjust and become more comfortable in her foster home. We asked how she was progressing and what have observed. Michele told us that Gigi is still not completely comfortable around people. Gigi spent time in a shelter and is from a puppy mill. The human interaction that she is receiving now is foreign and it will take time for her to understand that Michele, Steve, and their pack of shibas are friends and just want to give her love, food, and belly rubs!

Their dog, Nami, has hung out with Gigi and they take walks together. It is helping her to come out of her shell. She also enjoys going for walks and is great being in a crate when no one is around to supervise her. Gigi also has started playing with plushy toys but plays stealthily. They don’t hear any squeaks or see her playing but her toys magically collect in her crate so someone is putting them there and all clues point to Gigi! She’s curious and they can tell she’s thinking and trying to figure out what’s going on, how to react, and learning to trust.

Here’s a video they shot of Gigi in their yard with their other shibas