Remi’s February Update

Remi is having a ball living with 7 other dogs and his foster mom and dad. He’s now weighing in around 20lbs and still has his puppy coat but he’s growing and learning new tricks everyday. It seems Remi may have a sensitive stomach so he has been eating Versus Puppy and likes it. He also drinks quite a bit of water so his intake must be limited to help prevent any problems. He has been tested for diabetes and other possibilities, and does not suffer from any of these. Because of the excessive water he drinks, his urine is extremely diluted. Inability to concentrate uring could be a hormonal issue which is fairly easily treated**

Remi has been neutered, was treated for some parasites he had when we got him, and needs a followup to check his urine in about a week. Other than that, he is happy, friendly, and playful. He has “puppy mouth” meaning he keeps trying to learn and play using his mouth. Jenn and John are working on this with him and have had no real training issues. He knows sit, stay, wait and come.

Remi is very friendly with my other dogs and curious of the parrots, but not aggressive. He will tend to guard a food toy from the other dogs but more so takes it away rather that snapping or showing teeth. He has been fine with other toys. True to his shiba nature, he is a door bolter and he’s little so it can be hard to catch him if he gets out. Remi is doing great and can’t wait to find his new forever home!

**Note added 03/02/11: If water is available at all times, this inability to concentrate urine doesn’t necessarily have to be treated, but care must be taken that water is ALWAYS available. Dogs with this problem can become easily dehydrated. Lifelong hormone treatment will regulate water intake and elimination. It’s also possible, however, that Remi’s issue is behavioral, not hormonal. We will know more after receiving urinalysis results.


  1. Jessica Bajwa says:

    Good afternoon, i am interested in finding a Shiba Inu puppy. I have a son that is 3, going to be 4, and we already got him a fish, and told him he has to be responsible and remember to feed the fish, so he is doing excellent. Therefore, I feel it is time he can get a puppy. I live in an apartment, but have surrounding parks for a dog to run. I came across a Shiba Inu puppy when I was going to work, and I love the way they look, and after reading up on the breed, they seem that they will do well with children and families. Remi, he is very adorable!!! After reading up on him, he sounds very spirited. If he is full of energy, that would be great for my son, b/c he as well is full of energy.

    • Hello Jessica,

      That is wonderful that you are teaching your son to be a thoughtful caretaker of animals! We wish every parent would start teaching their children empathy for companion animals at a young age.

      Remi is definitely full of puppy energy! He also has a small hole in his heart (called an intraventicular septal defect), which is why he isn’t available for adoption yet. When we’re sure of what his needs are, then we will make him available and start searching for his perfect forever home.

      Our volunteers in charge of adoptions are great at matching up dogs with the right families and we do sometimes have Shibas that have been socialized well with small children. If you’re interested in adopting a Shiba from us, please complete an adoption application so we can get get to know you and your family.