Bibi and Her Toys

Bibi is an amazing dog and a fast learner. Her foster mom told us that Bibi is healthy, happy, and loves to play with her toys. In fact, she knows where they are kept and picks which one she wants to play with all by herself! Bibi is a sweet, playful, energetic “goofball” who loves to cuddle and likes belly rubs. She also enjoys the company of other dogs but particularly seems to like big dogs.

Everyday Bibi is showing more of her personality and becoming a more confident dog. She is still shy when meeting people but she is curious and has licked a few hands when people have stopped to say hello to her. Bibi doesn’t show any aggression and is good with children, she’s great with infants but is nervous around the excitable energy that toddlers have and doesn’t know how to react towards them.

Bibi has mastered the art of getting in an elevator, sitting down, and waiting till the doors open again. She is still mastering the art of walking on a leash but she does love exploring the city and breathing in all the scents around her.

Her foster mom sent us a video of Bibi playing with her toys! She’s a cute, beautiful dog and we can’t wait till she finds her forever home.


  1. How old is she? She is adorable!
    Where can I find mroe information on her and how would I go about visiting her in person?

    • Bibi was adopted earlier this month but we have other great shibas looking for forever homes

  2. Aww.. I am glad she found her new home and is happy and well.
    I have a male shiba inu puppy (his name is Ninja) and I am currently looking for a female companion for him.