March update for Gigi

Gigi is doing wonderfully in her foster home. Her leg has completely healed from her surgery and she is running and playing with her foster brother’s and sister quite nicely. They all get along well and coexist together. Gigi loves to play with other dogs. She’s still a little timid around her foster parents, but she has learned that they love her and won’t hurt her. She even sleeps in bed with them at night now. So all three red Shibas in the house are taking over the bed at night!! Steve and Michele wouldn’t have it any other way.

At her last vet check, Gigi’s ears were a little dirty, so they were cleaned out and she has drops that go in them once a day. Steve and Michele also clean out her ears on a regular basis to make sure they don’t get infected. It’s mostly her right ear which is the crumpled ear. She is very well behaved at the vet and didn’t even flinch when the doctor had to go in to get a fecal sample since Gigi wouldn’t go on her own before the visit. Her left leg will also need to have surgery, but it’s not critical as long as it’s done within the next year.

Gigi has gotten more vocal since first coming into foster care. For the first few weeks, Steve and Michele didn’t hear a peep out of her, but now she happily barks at people walking by. She is very playful early in the morning when all the inu’s wake up. She likes to growl and play with the dog toys and shake the doggie blanket. She needs to be watched when in the bedroom and living room, she tends to want to rip the comforter on the bed or the couch cushion. She will easily stop this when given a rope toy or a bone instead. She only does this when Steve and Michele are home, so she probably just wants to play. When left alone she if very well behaved and not destructive at all.

She’s not much of a cuddly dog with people, but she does sometimes lay on the couch with Steve and Michele when they are watching TV.

Here are some photos of Gigi. The first is with her foster Mom, Michele. The middle is Gigi sleeping on the bed with two of her foster brother’s (Gigi is on the upper right of the photo). And the last is one taken today of her on the back patio chewing on a bone.

Click this link to view a video of Gigi:
Gigi on YouTube