Introducing Maizee!

Maizee is a 2 year old black and tan female that was found abandoned with her puppies in the back yard of a vacant home in New Jersey. The puppies and her were brought to an animal clinic where they were cared for, vaccinated, and given lots of TLC. The puppies are healthy now and we have Maizee who is a sweetheart and waiting to be spayed.

Once she is spayed and healed, she will be available and looking for a forever home! Stay tuned to learn more about this young, cute, little girl!


  1. I had the pleasure of Temp-fostering Maizee, she is a very sweet special girl, she will need lots of TLC , She is still timid and skittish but is also curious and will come out of her shell very quickly, She will make a family very happy, she will just need a little time.

  2. Maizee is so cute! She looks like a mix? Do you guys know what she is a mix of?

  3. Seth Cress says:

    such a beautiful girl. would love to add her to our family.

  4. Irvin Ridley says:

    I think Maizee would make a beautiful playmate for our Shiba Inu Sonic. Sonic will be 2 in July.