Maizee is doing wonderfully in her foster home!

Maizee has adjusted well and sleeps in her crate. When morning comes, Maizee greets her foster mom with a wagging tail waiting to be let out of the crate and out for a walk. Maizee is still a little unsure of the world around her and will hide behind Peyton, her foster mom. But she loves to explore and smell everything she can while she’s walking. Peyton says Maizee doesn’t pull much and listens very well to commands. With more walks and practice, Maizee will be a well-mannered shiba on leash.

Maizee has a few cute quirks. She is terrified of grates on the street even if they are really just changes in the color of the pavement but might look like grates! She’s not the only shiba we’ve met who is unsure of the sidewalks changes between concrete and subway grates. She is also unsure about meeting new dogs. She watches all of them very closely and only seems ok with meeting smaller dogs. When she meets a dog she’s not sure about she acts very submissive and sits or lies down most times or she will lick Peyton’s hand and sit as close to her as possible. Maizee is curious of other dogs but needs to build a little more confidence before she can feel ok in a dog park and meeting dogs on her walks.

Maizee is opening up and trusting her foster mom more and more. We’re hoping she finds a forever home that will understand that Maizee needs some time, is shy, but will come around and has a lot of love to give.