Sir Remington is growing up!

Remington is growing up!

All in all, Remi is doing very well.  He has grown a bunch and at less than 9 months old he is tall and about 23 pounds.  Remi is very active and loves playing with his foster brothers and sisters and his best friend, the family Wheaton Terrier.  The heart mumur (hole in his heart) doesn’t seem to bother him at all but will need to see the cardiologist again at 1 year for another echocardiogram to develop a future course of action for Remi.

Remi has had his 3rd urinalysis after decreasing his water intake by about 10%.  Unfortunately, this test shows that Remi is still unable to concentrate his urine.  The next step for Remi is to have him tested for diabetes insipidus.  While the name sounds like the disease associated with production of sugar, it isn’t.  DI as it is referred to, is the lack of the anti-diuretic hormone (ADH).  The lack of this hormone results in constant thirst and excessive urine production.  Dogs with DI need to have constant access to water because they can dehydrate very quickly.

Sir Remington surveys his domain


Remi needs to be able to access potty breaks every 3-4 hours and occasionally will have accidents overnight.  On the plus side, IF Remi has DI, it is treatable through injections of the hormone.  This will regulate the ADH in Remi’s system and his water intake/elimination should become normal.  Dogs with controlled DI can live a full, normal life.  Treatment will be necessary for a lifetime and the medication can be costly – although his foster mom isn’t certain of the exact cost at this point, it will probably be around $100+/month. 

The next step in “testing” Remi for Diabetic Insipidus is to begin to give him a therapeutic treatment.  This entails giving him the medication – which is not harmful and has few side effects and see if his water consumption and elimination drops to a more “normal level”.  The medication is one that is compounded by a pharmacy and is administered as an eye drop (one drop twice/day). 

Remi’s foster mom will let us know how his testing and treatment is progressing.

Chewing is hard work

but chewing is also fun


  1. Barbara A. Doherty says:

    Hello, We are interested in adopting Remi. We just lost a male Shiba to cancer in February. We still have his sister, Sasha who is 13 years old. They were together since birth and Sasha is very depressed. She hasn’t been herself since Mason died – – very lonely.

    Thank You.

    • hi if you are interested in adopting Remi, please download and complete the adoption application and fax it back to us. 🙂