Update for Maizee

Maizee’s adjusting well to her foster home and has become incredibly affectionate since coming out of her shell. She loves to be pet and will sit on the couch with her foster mom and watch tv with her. Maizee likes to know what’s going on and follows Peyton from room to room and has figured out that if she wags her tail, Peyton will pet her and praise her for being a good girl.

With people she doesn’t know, Maizee tends to be aloof. She is scared of new people so usually just sits or lies behind her foster mom. Here and there she has approached a stranger to sniff them but her shyness tends to take over and if a stranger is petting her, Maizee will walk away. Maizee has met a few children and behaves very well. If they are small and approach slowly she is usually better with them than with adults and will let them pet her head. She’s curious about meeting new people, in fact, she’s curious about everything and observes the world around on when on a walk and sniffs everything she passes.

True to her shiba nature, Maizee would love to chase small animals like squirrels but she’s learned that she shouldn’t. When she’s on a walk with Peyton and gets the urge to chase something that moved, she now stops herself or will run back to her foster mom. Maizee is learning to have a great amount of self-control and hasn’t barked, scratched up, or had any accidents in the house. She’s also started playing with some of her toys but likes her kong the best. Peyton also gives Maizee some yummy chicken treats in the kong and sometimes as a special treat for being super good, Maizee gets a tiny piece of prosciutto!

All in all, Maizee is relearning commands, has been doing wonderfully in her foster home, and has adjusted to life in NYC with no problems. Now she’s looking for her forever home, will it be you?