Maizee’s Wonderful Holiday Weekend

I could catch that squirrel if I wanted to!


Maizee is a very lucky girl.  She got to go away for the Memorial Day weekend.  She enjoyed every minute of her little vacation!


The car ride gave Maizee plenty of opportunity to watch the world go by from the car window.  She even got to take a boat ride and say hello to a lot of her fellow passengers on the boat.  When she got tired of introducing herself to other passengers, she rested under her foster’s chair.  Maizee enjoyed meeting everyone and had no issues with the car ride or the boat ride.


Maizee and her people stayed at a place with a fenced yard, which she was able to explore by herself.  This was a new experience for her and she was a little nervous exploring on her own but she was very curious.   She always came back right away when called!  Maizee also got to go on great walks in her vacation town.  She got to  walk along the bluff to a lighthouse and meet some fellow walkers.  She had a great time running around on her extendable leash.  Maizee took great pleasure in running ahead to sniff, then falling behind and running up to her people again.

A stroll on the beach


Maizee also had her first beach experience.  That confused her a bit.  She didn’t really know what to do with all the sand. She stared at the waves like they were some huge animal that she might need to be afraid of.  When she is unsure about an animal, she bristles the fur along her spine like a cat. She was very bristled at the ocean at times.


Even though she had a lot of fun over the weekend, Maizee was happy to return home and immediately curled up in her crate for a nice, relaxing rest.



I want a steak, too!



  1. Maizee – you are one lucky girl – you had a better vacation than I had!