Gigi’s May Update

Spring is here and Gigi is loving the sunshine. She’s starting to shed and likes being outside sniffing the air. Michele and Steve told us that Gigi is spunky in the morning and becomes very playful.

Sometimes Gigi has teary eyes but it seems to be a reaction to something in the environment. The vet believes she may have mild allergies but nothing too severe. Her surgery is still waiting to be scheduled but we’re very close to our goal and love the support and compassion we’ve received so far.

Gigi is still somewhat skittish around her foster parents but she’s definitely adjusted well and is learning to trust them a little more each day. She’s become more vocal and will bark when she’s outside and makes all the typical shiba noises when playing. This is a great sign that she’s not as nervous as she was. She likes the other dogs in the house and sleeps on the bed at night.

Overall, Gigi is doing great and having fun. We couldn’t be happier for her!