Update for Thunder

Thunder weighs 31 lbs and is a healthy dog. His foster dad, Kenneth, let us know that Thunder is an adorable, loving boy who is slowly coming out of his shell and becoming more and more comfortable around him. Thunder likes to be scratched around his neck and chest and get belly rubs. If Kenneth stops, Thunder will paw him asking him to continue.

Everyone that Thunder has met has been welcomed by him. He walks up to people and sniffs them and then allows them to pet him. He is good with children and approaches them the say way. Kenneth also has birds and Thunder is not interested in them and hasn’t shown as prey drive towards them. The only time Thunder has shown any desire to chase small animals is when he saw a squirrel. He doesn’t seem to care about cats that he’s seen while out and about. He walks well on a leash, comes when called, and when he’s in a new place with Kenneth, he walks slower and sticks very close to Kenneth looking for protection and guidance.

When he rides in the car, he likes to put his head in between the two front seats so that he is closer to Kenneth. He’s pretty good with dogs his size and bigger. Kenneth brought him on a walk with his friend’s dog and they got along fine. When it comes to smaller dogs, he does this thing where he will spin around and then lunge at the dog or if we’re walking or he’ll just ignore the smaller dog. It may depend on the way the other dog reacts to seeing him.

Thunder isn’t too fond of treats so food as a motivating factor for training isn’t working out well but he does love affection and praise. Overall, Thunder has been doing great and having fun with Kenneth!


  1. matthew freedman says:

    we are looking for a rescue dog. we live in a semi-rural area newbury ma our last dog was a rescue chow-norwegian elkhound. we put him to rest in november 2010. we have been grieving deeply but we feel we now would like another rescue dog between 8 months and one year.

    thank you for your consideration.

    bobbie and matt freedman

    • Please complete and fax back an adoption application if there’s a shiba on our site you’re interested in