Gigi Continues to Develop Confidence

Gigi, surveying her yard


 Gigi still has so much to learn about the world around her.  So many things that other dogs experience during their lives are very new to her because she came from a puppy mill with very limited exposure to the world around her.  In addition, she grew up with luxating patellas, which caused her pain and limited her mobility.   Gigi has recovered from the surgery on one leg to fix her patella but she still requires surgery to fix her other damaged leg.  NYCSR hopes that the remainder of the funds necessary for Gigi’s luxating patella surgery will be raised soon so that her second luxating patella can be repaired.

Her foster family is helping her gain confidence and learn that there’s no need to be frightened by all the things that occur in everyday life.  Gigi is skittish and doesn’t like loud noises or machinery.   She has become more comfortable with her foster people and now sleeps in bed with them and snuggles on the sofa.   Gigi is less concerned and nervous when they try to pet her.   Gigi is very comfortable with her foster Shiba siblings.   She is very spunky first thing in the morning and likes to run around and play with toys or blankets.  Gigi is very vocal when other dogs walk by.

Gigi, showing off her very fluffy tail


Gigi’s perfect forever home would be one in a quiet suburb or rural area.  Gigi would do best in a home with other confident, friendly dogs who can reassure her and set an example for her and teach her that the world is not such a scary place.