Introducing Nicky

Nickey is a 10 yr old Shiba who was surrendered to the AC&C. Nickey is a shy dog and has shown some fear and will bark and lunge at strangers. It has taken a little time but she has come to trust her foster family and asks for attention and licks their hands and gives her belly to them. She is a vocal pup who barks for attention, barks when scared, barks when she is overly excited.

Nicky follows her fosters around the house and is always curious of what they are doing. She also has a deviant side to her and will get into the trash can, can open doors, will steal food, and bolts if the front door is open. One day she got out of the apartment and the doorman helped get her out of the halls and back into the apartment.

She does like people, although she’s weary of them at first. She will show nervous aggression and is curiously afraid of strangers but once she realizes you’re ok and you approach her slowly, she may jump up on you asking for pets and want to cover you in doggie kisses. Her foster mom, Nancy, told us that Nicky gets underfoot sometimes but walks great on a leash.

Nicky will sometimes sleep in her crate but does not like being it in for extended periods of time, and does not being alone. She has scratched the door but hasn’t damaged any furniture. She does not seem to be able to hold it for a work day and has accidents in the house. It seems she may not be housebroken or perhaps had freedom to go out to a yard whenever she needed.

From what we can tell so far, Nicky needs an owner who will be home often or works from home. She also needs a patient owner and perhaps a yard where she can go out often.

Stay tuned to learn more about Nicky’s progress!