Introducing Tabby

Tabby is a sweet little girl who is about a year old and was found as a stray. She is currently being fostered with Steven and Michele and they adore her. Tabby (Tabitha) is affectionate, and friendly. She also showed interest in meeting their other dogs and wanted to play with them right from the start. Steve and Michele introduced her slowly to them and it’s been going great. She happily goes into her crate but doesn’t seem to need to be crated as she seems to be housebroken. She’s a very good little girl who loves to snuggle on the couch with her foster parents.

Everyday Tabby goes for walks, runs around the yard with their dogs, and is very friendly to everyone! She sometimes is low energy but she is a puppy and could be tiring out from all the excitement of being in her foster home and the fun she’s having. She loves belly rubs, head scratches, and will try to sleep on their laps. Michele told us that Tabby is just adorable and incredibly sweet!

Tabby has tested positive for Lyme’s disease but has not shown as outward signs of it. We are going to follow up with the vet and see what course of treatment is needed to help her out. Stay tuned to learn more about Tabby.


  1. Sandra Waters says:

    Hi – she is adorable. Would love to add her to our family. We have a female 4 yr old sesame. I call my boyfriend the shiba whisperer as he as trained Maya to listen to him off leash – we still need to be careful but for a shibashe’s great. Not sure if other shiba’s do this but when Maya runs full speed her tail almost straightens but has a cute hook at the end. I’m hoping to take a pic of that one of theses days. He’s also trained her to say please and thank you for treats!! We’re off on vacation with our Maya and when we return I definitely will fax over an application. Thank you and I hope we can make a good match – if not we will keep looking at your site. Best to you and all the work you do to help these amazing dogs 🙂
    Sandra Waters