Gigi’s July Update

Gigi is still in need of her surgery. We’re hoping to be able to raise enough funds to cover the surgery and post-surgery, but from what Michele and Steve tell us, Gigi runs around the yard, jumps on the bed, and plays with the inus with no major problems. Gigi doesn’t know she needs surgery. She just knows she wants to have fun!

Everyday they foster her, she comes out of her shell more and more. She’s become more trusting towards her foster family and now gets snuggly in the morning on the bed. She also likes to toss the pillows around when no one is around. Gigi used to hide and dash away when everyone was in the yard, but not anymore! She plays with their inus and has even let strangers pet her! This is a huge improvement for Gigi.

Overall, Steve and Michele let us know that Gigi is happy, full of spunk, and friendly with their dogs. She’s also becoming more and more affectionate and snuggly. Recently, Gigi has found a cool, shady spot to lay down in the yard on those hot summer days along their fence. She’s a sweet girl who is having fun with her foster family!


  1. What kind of surgery and how much.