Spunky Maizee

Maizee is becoming more and more confident, happy and playful.  She loves to run and wrestle with her foster family before her morning walk.  While she’s out and about, Maizee is a little aloof with people she doesn’t know but once she warms up to them, she’s loving and playful.  Maizee is also doing well with relaxed, non-aggressive dogs.  She recently enjoyed the company of another dog during the holiday weekend.  In fact, she’s become quite curious about other dogs.  Unfortunately, her doggie manners need a little work.  She’s so anxious to meet the other dog, she sometimes approaches and sniffs the other dog without a proper introduction, causing the other dog to be uncomfortable.  Her foster family is working with her to show her the proper way to introduce herself.

Maizee likes to show her mischievous side, especially with snatching food when at home.  Her foster family is very careful not to leave food where she can find it, on countertops or in garbage cans. Maizee’s furever family would have to do the same.  Dogs can do serious damage to themselves especially when investigating the contents of the garbage!

Maizee was spayed and micro-chipped three weeks ago and has recovered without complication.



Happy Ears