August Update for Nicky

Nicky is still losing weight since she’s a bit chubby but she’s doing well with her foster family and has become a much happier dog now that she’s warmed up. Nicky likes to bring them toys when they come home and follows them around to see what they are doing. She also likes to roll on her back and shimmy around on the floor like a bear trying to scratch her back.

On walks, Nicky passes other dogs and she is good meeting some of them but if the other dog shows aggression, she shows it back. However, she is curious about other dogs and likes going out and about on walks. When she meets new people she is still shy and will become fearful and show her teeth or growl if they approach her too fast. If a person ignores her and lets her come and inspect them, she is much better and likes them but may still be shy and hesitant. It would be best if Nicky was in a home with people who understand her shyness.

Nicky is also better at going outside now and walks well on a leash. Her foster family has been working and reinforcing basic commands such as come, sit, and “go potty.” She does try to steal food from the table if left alone in the room; the temptation is just too great!

She is still nervous and shy of new places and situations and takes some time to relax but once she does and comes out of her shell, she’s an affectionate, playful, cute dog.