Gigi finally had her surgery!

Gigi, the 'conehead,' right after her surgery

  Thanks to all of the kind, generous people who donated toward Gigi’s surgery for her luxating patella, she is now recovering nicely and looking forward to a future free from pain.  Gigi’s surgery went very well.  There are up to four steps in Gigi’s luxating patella surgery and fortunately, her patella could be fixed with only two steps.  While she was in the hospital, her foster family went to visit her.  Gigi wasn’t up to eating on her own, so her foster mom hand fed her.  She is home from the hospital and being spoiled by her foster family while she recovers.


Gigi has learned that she can trust her foster humans and she loves her foster siblings.  Prior to her surgery, Gigi has a great time playing in the yard.  Gigi’s favorite pastime is plotting an escape from the yard and taking the other Shibas with her.  Her foster family has had to reinforce the fence several times to keep everyone in the yard.  No doubt as soon as she is feeling 100%, she will be back to working on her escape skills. Recently, Gigi went to a Shiba meetup, where she met some new people.  She’s still nervous but she tolerated the people she met.  Hopefully, when Gigi recovers from her surgery, she will feel better and have more confidence when she meets new people. 

Lounging in the yard, plotting her next escape