Nicky September update

Nicky is doing very well and has even lost some weight and her coat has slightly improved. Nicky has possible allergies causing watery eyes and is still a bit overweight. Nicky had an infected nipple that is healing, but is still bothering her a little. Nicky went to see the vet mid August for the infected nipple and had received antibiotics. Nicky is going to get spayed soon and will get the nipple checked again at that visit.

Nicky is a very shy dog, but affectionate with her foster family and tends to be afraid of other people. She barks and growls at other people as soon as they give her attention. She also doesn’t seem to like other dogs. She likes to play when her foster family comes home. She sleeps most of the day, but likes to get out. She likes to go for longer walks as well and doesn’t like to be in a confined space at all. Nicky is fine now when left alone during the day, initially she experienced lots of separation anxiety/barking/howling, but is calmer now that she is settled in her new home.

Nicky’s foster family are trying to teach her to sit and stay. Sitting works most of the time especially when given a treat! Given her age and personality it might be hard to train additional commands. Overall, she is a very nice affectionate dog with her foster family. She never displays any sign of aggression towards her foster family.