Update for Kobe San

Kobe San has come a long way since coming into foster care with NYCSR. His foster Mom says that Kobe San has successfully graduated from a slip collar to a harness. He was not liking the harness at first and would run and hide, but with treats and reassurance, Kobe San is now comfortable in the harness and likes to walk in zig-zags during his walks.

Kobe San is shy, curious, calm, quiet and not aggressive. He is even affectionate at times. He is curious about other dogs, but may not know how to properly greet them and gets overwhelmed easily. His foster Mom is working on this with him.

Kobe San is going to a new foster home this weekend due to his current foster Moms change in work schedule. He will be in a more rural setting and will probably do much better there. We will keep you posted on his progress.


  1. Hello, I’ve been wanting to adopt a Shiba inu. I wanted to adopt a dog to give it a home and also because my Shih Tzu/Bressle griffin mix needs a friend. So I was just wondering how big exactly Kobe San is, and I live in pennsylvania so how would transportation for Kobe San work?

    • Carla, if you are interested in adopting any of our shibas, please download and return the adoption application from our site.