Update for Remi!!

Sir Remington has just turned 14 months old and met with his cardiologist for his 1 year echo-cardiogram. The test reflects that the hole in Remi’s heart is still there, but it has not increased in size. His heart is very strong which is evident by the amount of love that he has for his family and every person he meets. The cardiologist feels that Remi is a happy, healthy dog and expects him to live a long, normal life. His next cardiologist appointment will be at 3 years of age.

As far as the Diabetes Insipidus, the medication Remington has been taking is working wonders. He receives 1 drop/twice a day in each eye. He is so good taking his medicine. Once he sees his parents get the bottle, he runs and jumps up on the window seat and waits for his drop (and treat). Remington will be on this medication for the rest of his life, but if you didn’t know any better you would never think that anything was medically wrong with Remington.

Remington’s foster parents love him so much that they couldn’t stand to part with him and Remington will become an official member of the family at the end of the month. He will share the rest of his life with his 7 Shiba brothers and Sisters, 2 parrot siblings, his BFF Murphy and his parents.

Here’s Remi at a Shiba meetup, he’s the tall boy on the left.