Introducing Asia!

Meet Asia! She’s a sweet, social, 3 year old female, tri-color (or red headed black and tan) Shiba who was recently a mom and is now waiting to be spayed and loving her new foster mom, Lillian. She is one of the NJ 22 dogs and is doing really well in foster care so far. Asia loves to be around people and likes the dogs she’s living with. She sleeps and sits near Lillian often and is easy going. She isn’t a fan of being confined but is getting used to be left alone in a room when Lillian leaves the house.

Asia is a little nervous of the sounds of the city but if low key music seems to help her anxious mood. Lillian takes her for walks four times a day and it seems that she is potty trained. She is very good about having a harness put on her for walks, being fussed with, and even tried on her Halloween costume without any problems! She’s also been easy to train because she loves treats. She doesn’t know a lot of commands yet, but she has learned that if Lillian puts her hand out it means “shake” and she will place her paw in it. Asia also seems to understand that if you wave and call, that means to “come.” Her favorite game is fetch. She also will nudge you to pet her.

Health wise, Asia seems to be allergic to fleas and may have luxating patellas but you wouldn’t know by the way she zooms and plays. Her teeth are very clean and she’s active, happy, and in great shape overall.

She’s a great dog who would love to have a forever family. She adores having company and would thrive with a family who would love her, give her attention, and play with her. She likes other dogs and would be happiest with a furry sibling.

Here’s a video of Asia talking to Lillian:


  1. Donna Carroll says:

    Hi We are owners of a resue Shiba inus Down here in South Florida, Have had Shibas for the last 15 years, Breeders of the breed for the last 5 years. Our last shiba was resued from Jenna Gates from Mississippi who started her own rescue and whom we have been following for the last year. I love Asia and would love to give her a forever home here in South Florida. I am currently wanting to start a rescue here in the Fort Myers/Naples area and although we are in the initial stages, I hope it will be a reality with in the next year. I have 2 rescues at present, Remi 3 years old, and Sophie our newest addition received from Mississippi in April. We have plenty of room in our home for additional Shibas and we fell in love with Asia the minute we saw her.

  2. Donna Carroll says: