Introducing Brian

Meet Brian. He was a stray in Queens who was taken in by a veterinarian’s office before coming to NYCSR. He is a very sweet but shy boy. He did really well in the car for transport from the vet to his foster home and is very calm and curious.

Brian has been in foster care with NYCSR and living with his new foster dad, Roy, for a few weeks now and loves it. He loves other dogs and will bark at them out of excitement with his tail wagging to say hello on walks. Roy and Brian go on nice long walks along the Hudson River. Brian loves to walk for hours! Good thing – he has a couple of pounds to lose! Brian enjoys hanging out in his crate and has bonded enough with his foster to start snuggling on the couch with him.

Brian is approximately five years old, currently weighs 22 pounds and is healthy overall.

NYCSR volunteer Scott Lauben met up with Roy and Brian at the dog run recently. Here’s some video of Brian at the run. This video also features our NYCSR Alum, Luna 🙂


  1. Scott Keninitz says:

    I was looking through Petfinder when I stumbled on Brian. I was wondering if you had any additional information on him? I’m sure since it has only been a few weeks he is still adapting to his environment. I was just watching his video, and reading his info and he seems like a good match for us.

    In our home, in Maryland, we currently have one(1) cat, and one(1) other Shiba mix. The cat and dog are great together, but I think “Shiba” would appreciate some canine compionship. We also had two(2) children, a boy aged 4, and a daughter 7. They are both very respectful to animals, and have also expressed interest in another dog( of course!).

    Any information you have would be great! I was simply hoping to get some info before I submit the application. Thank you,

  2. Ted Goosen says:

    Is Brian still available for adoption? Please let me know…THANKS


  3. Hannah Furseth says:

    Brian is wonderful. I can’t stop looking at him! I have looked at him every day this week! 🙂 Has he found a home yet?