Introducing Winter

Winter weighs a healthy 29lbs and is a 2 yr old male. He’s up to date with his vaccines and is a friendly, happy, affectionate boy. His foster family is quickly falling for him and told us he’s curious and likes to know what they are doing at all times. He likes to be in the same room as them, near them, and in the mornings greets them with shiba kisses and wags his tail like crazy.

Winter currently lives with another shiba and they get along very well. He also has some foster cats that he’s mildly interested in but doesn’t bother at all. He has touched noses with one of the cats but never tries to chase or start squabbles with them.

He loves car rides, going for walks, and is very interested in meeting dogs he passes on the street. It seems Winter is just a happy boy and wants to make a ton of friends! He even wants to make friends with people he passes.

Winter knows several commands such as sit, stay, and can walk well on a leash. He does jump up on people with enthusiasm and sometimes tries to see what the great mystery of the cat litter box is all about. He also has jumped up on their table. Overall though, he’s a good boy who just needs to learn some things aren’t for him to climb on, eat, or inspect.

When outside he likes to play with the tennis balls. When inside he likes to play with the stuffed or soft toys. It seems he doesn’t have a favorite toy and he’s adjusting well to the routine of being crated when left alone in the house. We’re so happy to see Winter is having the time of his life with his foster family.


  1. well winter sounds like a good dog but i cant adopt him because my parents wont approve

  2. Kara Johnson says:

    y family and I have been looking for another dog since we lost ours and Winter seems to fit every requirement that the three of us have. I will show this page to my parents tonight and see what they say. I would love to adopt him so I’m really hoping I can apply to give him a great home 🙂

  3. I fell in love with this dog @ first sight and would love to adopt him for my children, however I am having a very difficult time downloading the application! Please help, very interested