Introducing NYCSR’s 10 of the “NJ 22”

Snow White & BlackieThis is the first chapter of a new beginning for ten Shiba Inu who entered foster care with NYC Shiba Rescue this week.

About twelve days ago, Mitch Fuchs of Shiba Rescue of Ocean County NJ was notified of an upcoming seizure involving twenty-two (22) Shiba Inu. We spoke with Mitch and started preparing to help by taking in as many of them as possible. Mitch met with the owners and took a pregnant female and three 8-week old puppies home with him, temporarily leaving 18 of the 22. On Wednesday of this week the local animal control, Mitch, Angela Hogan of Safe Harbor Animal Rescue (in Ohio), our friend Alisa Kane, owner of Dog-Gone Stylin, volunteer groomer Crystal Prutzman and our Director of Operations, Jenn Mauro, came together to effect the rescue of 17 of the remaining 18. (One is remaining with the owners under the watchful eye of Animal Control.)

All of the dogs were bathed and deflead by Alisa and Crystal and given Capstar on site before being transported. Ten dogs were then transported to one of NYCSR’s favorite veterinarians, Dr. Kenneth Dazen of Animal and Bird Health Care Center and Hospital in Cherry Hill, NJ. Seven headed off to Ohio with Angela, to be fostered and rehomed through both Safe Harbor and also Tri-State Shiba Inu Rescue.

Here are some photos of the dogs and the rescue in general. The dogs were all quite well behaved and sweet!

And a few more of our ten (Blackie, Snow White, Buttons, Kissy, Dakota, Freckles, Goo Goo 2, Winter, Asia and Smokey) after arriving at Dr. Dazen’s office. Big thanks to Dr. Dazen and vet tech Jennifer Popert, who were so wonderful!

The Second Chapter

Angela made it back to Ohio, dropped four dogs (Princess, Yogi, Saki and Peanut) with Pam at Tri-State, and took three home to Safe Harbor with her, including “Baby” the sweet male with deformities and severe flea dermatitis.

Our ten are doing great so far. Dr. Dazen didn’t found anything too seriously wrong with any of them – they all have flea dermatitis and were loaded with worms, one has flea allergies, one has low blood sugar, another has grade 2 luxating patella, and there were a couple eye with eye and ear infections. Eight have already been fully vetted and spayed/neutered and seven of them were transported to their new foster homes today. We will be posting individual updates for each dog as we start hearing in from their foster homes. We are looking forward to telling you all about their personalities!

How You Can Help

NYCSR received a few donations when the word of the NJ 22 first broke on Facebook, but only about $250 as of today… nowhere near what we have already spent on the rescue and vetting so far (not to mention ongoing fostering expenses and future vet bills for any with issues to be addressed). We would REALLY appreciate your help in taking care of these dogs. If you would like to help, please make a donation here.

You can also help the other Shibas by donating to one of the following rescues:


  1. Chesha Manfra says:

    Do you still need fosters?

  2. Etsuko Urata says:

    Hi, I must first congratulate, and thank you for the effort to help these shiba inus.
    I am originally from Japan, thus have deep appreciation for this breed of dogs.
    We have a 12-year-old female shiba inu, Dana, and she is THE love of our lives.
    We have lost two other shiba inus, and every day, they remind us what wonderful years they blessed us with.
    I am writing this because we would love to help with this effort of finding homes for these shiba inus.
    How can we foster one of your shibas?
    We think we are ready to adopt, but at this time, we would like to foster one.
    As thousands affected by Irene, our basement flooded.
    We are in the process of having the basement water-proofed, and carpeted as it was before.
    That is going to be finished by the end of next month.
    We are hoping everything would be done by Thanksgiving.
    Would that be a problem, because of the time-line?
    If we could still be any help, please please let us know.
    Thank you again, for your wonderful hearts.
    Etsuko Urata

  3. We live in Manasquan and we would love to foster a puppy female Shiba . Do you still need fosters.. We already have a 1yr old Shiba inu .. Can we help at all??

  4. I would like to adopt 2 puppies , we have a shibu, its my sons and been living with us for 3 years , he moving out and we really love this breed, please let me know how I can

    • Our adoption process starts when an adoption application is submitted. (An application can be downloaded from ) Applications are reviewed in chronological order based on date received. Depending on the initial review, we check references and conduct a home visit. After the home visit, if we have a dog that you are interested in and we think is a good match, then we set up a time/place for you to meet the dog. Following the meeting, there is a 24 hour waiting period during which all parties decide if the adoption should move forward.