October Update for Rounder aka Henry

Rounder recently woofed at his foster family and us that he prefers the name Henry. He said it is more dignified and doesn’t make him self-conscious that he might end up a chubby shiba. At the moment he weighs in at 27lbs and is looking great!

Henry has been living with another dog and has been learning to play, live, and tolerate life with her. He still prefers being a loner. At the dog park, he has growled and shown apprehension at bigger dogs. Smaller dogs do not seem to upset as much. It would be best if he was the only dog in a house. He may do well if he is with another mature small dog such as his foster sister who is a shih tzu. They play a lot now but it took a little bit for him to warm up.

Overall, Henry is great but he’s aloof and doesn’t always want to be shown affection. When he does though, he comes up to his fosters and asks for it. It’s clear he likes it but he’s still not completely comfortable. He will pretty much let anyone pet him if they’re not too aggressive and do not get too close to his paws. Day by day he’s getting better at opening up and trusting his foster family. He’s also stubborn and isn’t up for learning new commands or even listening to the ones he knows. Henry will sit and stay if he knows there’s a treat involved or it means he gets to go for walk, otherwise, he doesn’t see the payoff. He’s a fun dog and has a lot of personality. As his nervous side slowly goes away and his true personality comes out, we see what we always knew was true, that he’s a wonderful, special, and incredibly lovable dog!