Asia’s November Update

Asia is a happy Shiba!

Do you see how happy Asia is smiling into the camera? Asia’s foster mom, Lillian, lets us know that Asia is normally easy going like this!Though Shibas are described as aloof, Asia is quite the opposite. During walks and visits to the dog runs in the past month, Asia is happy to meet everyone. When Lillian says everyone, she literally means it! Asia welcomes puppies, older dogs, small dogs, and large dogs alike into her life. She carries the same disposition towards humans and will greet all infants, toddlers, male and female adults. She just may be the friendliest Shiba around town. When she wants to play with her furry and human friends, she makes sure that they understand her desire by vocalizing her intent. The only time that she’s been unhappy towards another dog is when she was provoked by her foster sibling.

Another trait of Asia’s that is not Shiba like is that she enjoys playing fetch. Most Shibas will happily chase the ball after you throw it but that’s about the last you will see of the ball after they run away with it. Asia on the other hand has observed that you will continue throwing the ball for her as long as she brings it back. Asia very motivated by treats and has learned hand commands for tricks through her keen sense of observation. For example, when you place your hand in front of her with your palm up, Asia knows that you are asking for her paw and will “shake” your hand. Through gestures, she is slowly learning basic commands and is fully housebroken. Her main issue is still her fear of being alone in a confined space. Lillian is teaching her to be less anxious when locked in a room by herself by leaving her with a treat filled toy.

Asia (right) taking a nap with her foster sibling.

Asia’s foster mom has found that the most unique attribute of Asia’s personality is not the two non-Shiba like qualities mentioned above that she possesses, but her ear for music. When playing soothing classical music, Asia will calm down and fall asleep. When pop music is on, she’ll perk up and want to play. Lillian noticed that humming a soothing song during times when Asia is nervous on walks with instantly calm her.

During Asia’s November vet visit, it was noted that she remains a healthy 23 lbs and will be spayed and ready for a new home soon. The condition of her fur has improved and the patches missing from her allergic reaction to fleas has grown back. Our vet also noted that Asia is “very affectionate” compared to a normal Shiba.

Won’t you consider adding sweet Asia as a member of your family?


  1. Jennifer Munsie says:

    Hi -I was interviewed not too long ago to be a foster home for a shiba and was told that Wills (my adopted Shiba) and I passed with flying colors. It sounds as thought Asia and Wills would get a long very well. He is also very friendly, loves to play fetch and enjoys cuddles. My hope in offering to be a foster was that we would have the opportunity to help another dog and eventually find a new permanent friend. Might it be possible to be considered for Asia once she is ready?

    • Asia is already in her long term foster home, until she is adopted. If you’re on our list of approved foster homes, I’m sure it won’t be long before we have a dog that needs your help. Thank you for fostering!

  2. Hello, Me and my family are looking for a companion for our 4 year old male boxer/hound mix and we were looking into shiba inu dogs. Our Doberman passed away of old age awhile ago and our pup has been very sad and mopey. How much does it cost to adopt and do you think it is a good idea to adopt a Shiba Inu?

  3. awh!! We totally miss you funny sweet Asia!! =*)

    temp foster mama

  4. Scott Samarel says:

    I would love the opportunity to adopt Asia. What’s the next step?

  5. This is my Teddy’s mom. I adopted one of the puppies from Mitch..I am so happy to see her. Teddy also is very outgoing and love to meet people! My last Shiba loved fetch, and my current two Shibas love fetch..Teddy though is a big Tail wagger..We love him and hope he will get to meet his mom again one day.

  6. Hi Elise,

    I am so blessed to have Asia living with me now. She is the most amazing, loving dog I have ever met. She is friendly to everyone she meets. I would love to meet you and Asia’s pup if we can work that out.