Welcome Ren

Ren is a young 1 1/2 year old male Shiba mix who is approximately 23 pounds. We rescued him from a local shelter because he exhibited some quirky behaviors. At evaluation, he did give off a snarly kind of vocalization when he got excited and this, along with his mouthy untrained puppy behavior, didn’t work in his favor in the shelter.

We thought Ren had a lot to live for and would make the right adult family a wonderful pet after he receives some training, individualized attention, and LOTS of much needed exercise. We brought Ren to Country Haven Kennel where Casey is patiently working with him to help him overcome his fears. We have found over the last couple days that Ren is head shy and may snap when you put a hand toward his face. We believe this is a learned behavior because, as he has become familiar with and begins to trust the staff at the kennel, he has become accepting of head pets.

It seems that taking it slow and building his trust are the keys to his and his future family’s happiness. Over the next several weeks, we will be working on basic obedience and continuing to help Ren overcome his fear of hands coming at his face and head.

Stay tuned to read about Ren’s progress…


  1. He’s such a good boy. He’s veryfunny when he plays, and once e warms up to you, he’s vary affectionate too!

  2. The update from yesterday is that he’s not fond of rain. 😀 Since building a bond with me, he’s also starting to cry for attention while in his crate. I built a new bird cage in the room with him last night and he took turns with a little chihuahua crying for attention at first. He’s also housebroken.

    • He isn’t fond of rain?! He thinks the world revolves around him?! Well, this is how you spell Shiba 🙂 Thanks for taking such good care of our dogs.