Funds Needed for Our 10 of the NJ 22

Most of our supporters, donors and volunteers have been reading all about the NJ 22. On October 12 of this year, NYCSR aided in the rescue of 22 Shiba Inu from a hoarding situation in NJ. Ten of those 22 Shibas came into foster care with NYCSR. Our first post about the rescue is here.

In the six weeks since their rescue, all but three of our ten have been spayed or neutered, they’ve all had thorough vet checks and been placed in foster homes. We’ve introduced you to each of them individually, one (Dakota) has been adopted already and six more are already pending adoption (Winter, Kissy, Buttons, Goo Goo2, Snow White, and Blackie).

What we haven’t talked about it is how much these ten pups have cost us so far. Our tally at the moment is $4,090.45. That is what we’ve already spent and does not include the three pending spay/neuters or any other remaining vet care or other expenses. Depending on how long they remain in foster care, our total bill for these ten will probably be close to $5,000.00 and their adoption fees will be approximately $3,500.00. We’ve received a little over $600 in donations for these ten dogs so far, which leaves us with a $900.00 deficit.

First, THANK YOU to our wonderful donors whose gifts enable us to continue helping Shibas! It’s truly wonderful that we’re only $900.00 in the red for this group of special dogs so far.

Second, who wants to donate that remaining $900.00 (or some part of it)??? If you are willing and able to help us with our rescue expenses, please take a minute to make a donation. We promise to put it to good use.


Thank you so much! The donations and encouragement that we receive from our supporters are incredibly gratifying. We will keep saving Shibas for as long as you will keep supporting us in our efforts to do so!