Introducing Blackie

Come meet the coolest Shiba puppy in the tri-state area! Even at the young age of 5 months, our NJ-22 boy named Blackie has shown that he has a cool confidence that makes all the ladies swoon. He may only be 14 lbs right now but he is taking over the streets with his big puppy personality!

When the mood strikes him, Blackie will be curious and friendly towards new people. He is always confident and friendly towards other dogs that he meets and loves to play with his foster family’s dog. Blackie does not get distracted by the birds and cats that he meets during walks. Squirrels may be a different story but Blackie hasn’t come across many for him to judge whether he wants to give them his attention or not.¬†With three walks a day, he’s also well on his way to being house-broken.

Blackie is one spunky puppy and will occasionally bark to grab your attention to play with him. Other times, he’s happy to toss around stuffed squeaky toys and quietly chew on chew toys. He sometimes gets too puppy excited and tries to get your attention by jumping up on you. His foster mom is teaching him that this is not appropriate behavior with irresistible treats now so he doesn’t get into bad habits later.¬†Blackie cries a little when he is left without the company of his foster mom but his foster brother is doing a such great job keeping Blackie company that they can be left with free roam of the kitchen without being destructive. That’s a lot of self-restraint for such a young Shiba puppy!

His foster family is falling in love with this sweet puppy and have lots of wonderful things to say about him.

Check back frequently to read more updates about Blackie!


  1. ALISON KELLY says:


    • Alison, Blackie is already in foster care, as are all of the dogs listed on our website. We are always in need of new homes so we can save more dogs though, so thank you so much for completing a foster application!

  2. Has Blackie been adopted yet???

    • Hi Kurt,

      The dogs listed to the right under “NYCSR’s Current Foster Dogs” have not yet been adopted. As of now, Blackie has not been adopted.


  3. Thanks Jenna,
    How is Blackie around cats?

  4. Do u work with people out of state. Blackie looks perfect for us but we are all the way in Colorado.

    • Yes, we do. Two steps in the adoption process may make it a bit more complicated: the home visit and meeting the dog before finalizing the adoption.

  5. We live in NJ, can we meet Balckie to see if he is a good fit for adoption by my family?